30 Nov-2 Dec 2020 Online (France)
DDI, Dataverse and Colectica: our data management combo
Alina Danciu  1@  , Geneviève Michaud@
1 : Sciences Po
Sciences Po, Center for Socio-Political Data (CDSP), CNRS

Providing to our community a user-friendly interface and data visualisation tool, a powerful search engine and a fluid data download process have always been top priorities of the French Center for Socio-Political Data. In the past year, we worked intensively to implement our Dataverse repository, which answers at least partially to these questions.

During the process of importing our Nesstar metadata into Dataverse, we encountered a certain number of issues we had not anticipated, primarily linked to the compatibility between DDI-C and Dataverse. This presentation will mainly tackle this topic, as well as the process of implementing the DDI controlled vocabularies and the harmonisation process of our metadata (institution names, authors, keywords...). 

In terms of variable management and visualisation, we decided to experiment with the Colectica tools (Designer, Repository and Portal), that we recently implemented at the CDSP and that we intend to use in order to build a DDI-L question bank. The project is in its experimental phase. We'll offer feedback on the our data management choices at this stage, complementary with our Dataverse tool.

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