30 Nov-2 Dec 2020 Online (France)
Documenting is not enough : an example of collaborative work in a French Research Infrastructure
Elodie Petorin  1@  , Ada Chmilevschi  2@  
1 : Archives de données issues de la statistique publique (ADISP)
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique - CNRS, PROGEDO
2 : Université de Lille
Plateforme Universitaire des Données de Lille

The question of data access has become an increasingly important topic in scientific research: the FAIR principle, the Research Data Alliance, the Open Science Cloud, etc... As a matter of fact, the challenge of data and metadata findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR) is becoming more and more important in the scientific community these days.

But yet, how can we produce FAIR data? Also, how to disseminate them? The Large Research Infrastructure Progedo has set up a network of university data platform, each of these skills platforms aims to provide real supports which form the necessary link between digital platforms and users. Furthermore, the interest of working upstream the data production, in collaboration with the researchers, allows us to obtain detailed documentation consisting in document of context as well as metadata. Moreover, downstream the chain of data, the national archive of data from official statistics (ADISP), a service of Progedo, documents those metadata to the DDI standard and disseminate it to the European scientific community.

To conclude, the purpose of this presentation will be to highlight the betterment of this collaborative work between Adisp and the university data platform in the data life cycle and the interest of it.

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