30 Nov-2 Dec 2020 Online (France)
Reusing and sharing metadata: A case study of quantitative survey research on the integration of ethnic and migrant minorities (EMMs) across Europe
Ami Saji  1@  , Laura Morales  1@  
1 : Sciences Po
Sciences Po

This presentation will showcase how the EMM Survey Registry (https://ethmigsurveydatahub.eu/emmregistry/)—a new online searchable database developed jointly by COST Action 16111 Ethmigsurveydata and the H2020 project SSHOC—promotes the reuse and sharing of metadata for quantitative surveys conducted across Europe focusing on the integration of EMMs. The presentation will begin by describing the metadata schema that was developed for the EMM Survey Registry. It will then illustrate how the metadata schema was not only conceptualised and designed to provide rich and meaningful information to users of existing quantitative survey data on EMMs' integration, but also to conform with DDI Codebook (a task undertaken by Alina Danciu of Sciences Po, CDSP and Alexandre Mairot, formerly with Sciences Po, CDSP) to allow the EMM Survey Registry to be interoperable with relevant data archives. The presentation will conclude by discussing strategies for fostering buy-in from the user communities to use and contribute to the EMM Survey Registry, which is essential to making the EMM Survey Registry a sustainable and state-of-the-art tool for reusing and sharing metadata of EMM surveys in Europe and beyond.

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