30 Nov-2 Dec 2020 Online (France)
Documentation of confidential data made available by the CASD
Raphaëlle Fleureux  1@  , Halima Bakia  1@  
1 : CASD

The online display of the data made available by the Secure Access Data Center (CASD) meets a need of data users. How can one request data from the various accreditation authorities without knowing whether their content is relevant to a project's issue? The confidential nature of these data, covered by the secrecy, requires that accredited users access them only in a secure environment.

This presentation will describe the documentation procedure set up by the CASD, based on the DDI3 standard and using the Colectica Designer software. Since the data made available by the CASD is confidential, the documentation process must necessarily be carried in the secure environment. The result of this documentation is then displayed on the CASD website in an open access. It describes all the databases made available, their variables and work is in progress to describe the codes. As the number of data made available is significant, only the most recent available year of each series is currently documented.

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