30 Nov-2 Dec 2020 Online (France)
The DDI Alliance Training Committee – What's it all about.
Jane Fry  1@  
1 : Carleton University

The DDI Alliance Training Committee has been thoroughly re-organized recently. It started with appointing two co-chairs who were given the initial task of updating the mandate. Subsequently, a call went out for new members, with the result that the overall membership of the committee was expanded to 15 participants.

Another new development in the Training Committee was the formation of four new working groups. They are focusing on: producing the Training Library; updating relevant portions of the DDI Alliance website; outreach to other organizations and audiences; and a gap analysis group to identify new areas of focus. These Working Groups work closely together as they have activities which are overlapping and complementary with each other.

This presentation will detail several exciting new activities that are taking place in the Working Groups. Chief among these is the publication of a DDI Training Library, based on the outputs from a workshop held at Schloss Dagstuhl in 2018. Further efforts of the groups include a focus on outreach to new audiences, and the development of new training materials to address topics including classification management and DDI-CDI. Collaborations with other organizations such as GO FAIR, RDA, and CODATA are also being explored.

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