30 Nov-2 Dec 2020 Online (France)
DDI-CDI Overview, Status, and Potential Implementation
Arofan Gregory  1@  , Hilde Orten  2@  , Joachim Wackerow  3@  
1 : Consultant
2 : Norwegian Centre for Research Data - NSD
3 : GESIS - Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences

DDI Cross-Domain Integration (DDI-CDI) represents a new focus for DDI metadata specifications: it applies the DDI Moving Forward conceptual model to the problems of describing new forms of data and their provenance, and the integration of disparate types of data with those we have traditionally described with DDI-Codebook and DDI-Lifecycle. As a companion standard to these tools, DDI-CDI leverages the model-driven aspects of DDI Moving Forward to align with standards of many different types, and to provide a bridge between diverse data sources and across domain boundaries.

This presentation describes the overall feature set of DDI-CDI, covering description of rectangular, wide/event, multi-dimensional, and key-value (“big”) data structures and the datum-oriented mechanism for describing integration across data sets. It also presents the two approaches for modeling process/provenance, and for aligning these with other standards and syntaxes. Typical expected implementations are summarized, and the current state of development will be described as the specification moves from the current public review phase to a production release.

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