30 Nov-2 Dec 2020 Online (France)
Strategies for (re)creating Questionnaires in DDI-Lifecycle
Hayley Mills  1@  , Jenny Li  1@  
1 : CLOSER, UCL Institute of Education

Implementing questionnaires in DDI-Lifecycle data collection provides a rich source of metadata that can enhance the understanding of data for researchers, discovery and data and survey management, more so where data is widely reused. 

Ideally one would capture the metadata for questionnaires as they are produced, however, for logistical, organisational and resource reasons, this is currently not widespread.

If we are to be able to provide this layer of rich metadata, finding ways to quickly and efficiently capture the questionnaires and link that to both the data and previously asked questions is crucial.

The presentation will discuss approaches that CLOSER has employed to lower the barriers for studies to provide high quality questionnaire metadata in DDI-Lifecycle for CLOSER Discovery, and for internal data management purposes at the studies themselves.

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