30 Nov-2 Dec 2020 Online (France)
What's New in Colectica 6
Dan Smith  1@  , Kevin Mcginnis  1@  
1 : Colectica

Colectica is software for documenting statistical research data and specifying questionnaires using DDI Lifecycle. It is used by national statistical organizations, university research groups, and data collection agencies to provide well-documented data to researchers and the public. Colectica is built on open standards like DDI and GSIM, ensuring that information can be presented in numerous formats and shared among different organizations and tools.

In this session we will demonstrate new features of Colectica 6, including:

Support for DDI Lifecycle 3.3

Management of statistical classifications based on the GSIM and DDI 3.3 classification models

Cross study harmonization and visualization of Conceptual Variables. When organizations each create their own Conceptual Variables, new techniques are needed for cross organization harmonization.

Colectica Datasets: a new application to add rich metadata directly to statistical data files, and to convert statistical data files to open formats

Colectica Question Bank: a new web based, streamlined question design application including approvals, publications, and workflows

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