30 Nov-2 Dec 2020 Online (France)
Data management, statistics and reporting driven by DDI in the healthcare marketing area
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Exastat, Stethos

Exastat is a company specialized in the data management and the production of statistics for its partners. Currently, Exastat works essentially with its sister companies focused either on the healthcare marketing, Stethos, Stethos International, Stethos Social Lab, or on the data producting, Exafield.

The main challenges for Exastat are to propose and develop the partnerships with the protection of the confidential business information and the transparency for the work process. In May 2020, Exastat upgraded its workflow to increase the services quality. In order to consolidate the information system by the normalization of the data management process and the improvement of the data treatment reliability, its architecture is based now on a metadata model DDI compliant (standards and controlled vocabularies). At present, all statistics production or reporting are driven by the metadata structured in the DDI standard. Besides, Lifecycle is used for keeping a trace of the Exastat activities and Codebook for disseminating to the partners.

This submission will present the programs, interfaces and procedures that are been built in order to accomplish these purposes in the context of a competitive and commercial area.

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