30 Nov-2 Dec 2020 Online (France)
A Collaborative Questionnaire Editor based on DDI 3.2 LC
Claus-Peter Klas  1@  , Oliver Hopt  1@  , Sigit Nugraha  1@  
1 : GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences

At GESIS we developed a collaborative questionnaire editor as a web portal initially for the use case of the German national election studies (GLES).

The features of the questionnaire editor are:

* Creation, editing and structuring of questionnaires with questions, question grids and free statements

* Translation of questions, answers, interviewer instruction, filter statements and free statements into (European) languages

* Workflow support through status on questions

* sophisticate administration of users and roles and role management

* Simple discussion tool to discuss questions e.g. for question development

* Export to Word files with templates

* Plan for API to connect the questionnaire editor with CESSDA European Question Bank

We will demonstrate the questionnaire editor and also give access to our test version to try out creating your own questionnaire.

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